Saturday, December 17, 2011

it must be now

I am feeling out of sync with time and seasons and calendric influences. Procrastinating as usual which means I have a more heaped plate tomorrow than I will probably complete. Sad and slightly unfocused. A friend passed away yesterday, and less than two weeks ago another, mom's passing was a year ago yesterday, (you will pick up on the lack of focus here) don't know why but the youTube stuff would not show up here as it ought to, went to my work Christmas get together but did not stay long, played a few games to disappear in, called my family as they were doing their (sorry I did not make it again this year) Christmas get together... It is later in the day than I thought and it cheers me that my tiredness is not simply the stuff of mourning. Was going to put a Loudon Wainwright III tune hear as I was catalyzed by a FB friend's posting of a few, mine was to be Prince Hal's Dirge.
Sorry that I missed the NJ T. family when I called today. S.T. posted a very cute photo album video set to the Talking Heads, I'm going to go to bed soon and discontinue this stream.
Peace all (in and out of form)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

hmmm we'll see

I want to post a play-list but don't see a way to do it:
nope no way

Couldn't do it on FB either
guess I' just have to resort to other sharings

Friday, November 11, 2011

a tough week

It's been a tough week and I guess it hasn't been a very inspired month as that's how much time has swept by since I scratched here.
Been down with the blues and a cold including the coughing all week. Found out that I pretty much used up my allowance of call in sick days until next August. More specifically July 31st. So, I had better stay healthy.

Monday, October 10, 2011

balafon blues

So Saturday I brought my balafon to the drum circle after having made an apparently not good enough fix to the broken key. As that alludes yes I re-broke it. Put a damper on the festivities but only a small one. I am still happy to have participated.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

unexpectedly long weekend

I wasn't feeling so hot but decided to go to Saluda Shoals Park for a short visit to the art fest on Sunday after not even making it to the drumming on Friday I thought a bit of freash air would be theraputic. Not too exciting in the art department but a very nice venue and I got to see Lucky play a set. Spent a short time with him and R. then meandered through the park. I did not feel much better when the gloaming began but was snugly ensconced in front of the TV by then. When I woke the next morn I was feeling light headed and disturbed in my GI tract so I called out of work. I called out again this AM even though I could have toughed it out. So I did manage to get my laundry done today and am now watching the movie Thor. I hope you all had a better weekend.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


A vivid synaptic fireworking dance within my brainpan. Not that there is any direct verbal component. The last sip of coffee for the day it lingering it's echoes on my pallet. A few conversations and the sun is past vertical. Just a brief touch in here and back to the mundane tasks and creative throughput that will move my person through this weekend a bit farther or could I say further. Hmm, shades of the Merry Pranksters. Be well.

Friday, September 9, 2011

the next Friday

So the drum circle moved to Saturday for the next few weeks and I have finally settled back down in front of this keyboard.

Back a couple of posts ... and I will attempt to toss down a few house preference thoughts.

Space, space, space, location , location, location.

comfortable sized master bedroom preferably with full bath; walk in closet would be nice
guest bedroom
large industrial or country kitchen could have pantry, island, side by side fridge, prefer gas stove or flat top with convection oven, dishwasher, two or three bay sink, decent counters and counter space, cabinets, but mostly large and updateable if it lacks.
if the kitchen is not eat in then a dining room
living room, parlor, great room
media room
studio preferably with a half bath or I could convert a bar area or something like that
washer dryer room

multi family or real affordable or over a retail or industrial space

an old church, library or missile silo or perhaps a mill

leaning more towards an urban area

Friday, September 2, 2011


So, I feel like a fucking ass tonight, as I was just moments away from my driveway and I realized that my new 'droid that I still am figuring out how to use is sitting on my desk at work. No phone calls tonight.
I will suck it up and drive in tomorrow to retrive it.
Not the weekend drive I would have planned.
I have NPR on waiting on the next show. David Bromberg is to be on World Cafe with his band to give us a taste of his new album.

Here's hoping you have not mirrored my ommision.

Monday, August 29, 2011


So, MTV VMAs are streaming on the pc as I begin to thread some linguistic patchwork.
I was impressed with Laddy GaGa.
Just finished replying to a BD wish & returning the same simultaneously.

One statement made in that missive was that I would use this little medium to help focus my desires in home-ownership.

I have some other communications that are demanding my presence; but, that is a survey post in the imaging process that will bring some foundation footings before long.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

pro, procrastination

So, if they were to give out awards for procrastination I'm in. If I could bother to apply that is.
Yep, I didn't go and get my drivers license in SC yet. This must be the third scheduled day that I just couldn't bother.
I sat here and played some retro pc games and went shopping.
May whatever you need in motivation motorise you.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Friday I was surprised to have a visit from my favorite family from MA. and just in time to celebrate Z's fifth Birthday. We had a good stroll through the local zoo/botanical gardens yesterday with a pleasant lunch before they headed off for D's job in Al.

I hope that A & D will share some of the pics as I did not bring a camera.


So recently aka Trent mentioned that he missed the quotes I used to send out weekly; he is certainly not the first to share this sentiment.
I would have to recreate my recipient base and approach this from home as opposed to incorporating it into my job which had been quite different back when. I think I sent them out almost every week for over three years and I not only enjoyed the process but picked up some few gravid tidbits.

Although I enjoy the process it is not at the level to bring it back. Partially it is about time but also there are just too many things to engage me as well as I harbor a certain recuperative need to be lazy.

So, one little quote echoed by Will Wheaten often "Don't Be a Dick"

Sunday, July 31, 2011


Cooking day
Gonna try a fresh cherry coffee cake; stuffed mushrooms; multi-pepper casserole; swiss chard with elephant garlic and who knows what else.
Ripping some of my albums
Ending with some reading in Martin's latest installment of the Game of Thrones
Hope your world is wonderful

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Had a good long catch up with my "just returned from Barkina Faso" bud. Typhoid & other maladies precipitated the return.
Last night was a small drum circle but I had a great time as we ended with me finally catching a flurry on the balafon with just a couple of djembes and a small instrument percussive accompaniment. The primaries were not there nor was the dundunba.

Monday, July 25, 2011

just a quick note

96deg.F. @ 7PM; yep the heat wave has broken. More like sagged a little. A very short but refreshing cloud burst @ 2PM helped a fraction.
Seems that there is a minor exodus @ work with the about to open Amazon making inviting offers.

There was hebefrenic activity punctuating a slothful weekend and it felt good.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

a hint

Hey you! My few readers. Please notice that there is a comment spot on each entry. I don't care if your comment is even related, prorated or sedated. There is a more likely probability that more would be forthcoming if there was some feedback (just like Jimi's guitar, or not) as I in my insular state often think that thinking itself is sufficient.

Monday, July 4, 2011

it's about frikkin' time

So, yes, I heard a cry from the wilderness (or at least a phone message from a rural area) that reflected my own thoughts recently. Although I feel I should spend some time here and express a bit; I shall simply place this itty note. Too much to get done before the sandman comes. It's America's (the USA) birthday and I worked today per usual. Not a bad day as I was actually doing the job I regularly do and it went well. But much around the home front to accomplish as I didn't spend time cooking over the weekend. So here is your few words and I shall return.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

utopian idea

I know there was a book I read that proposed the idea that I mentioned to my conservative politicking friend on his birthday last week. That being something along the lines of: how about if we split the GNP evenly between every legal citizen and freed up the need to work? a more complex and comprehensive idea, but, that is the gist. This must have struck a chord as I received an e-mail mentioning the craziness of this plan. Personally I think it would be awesome and even probable when the race matures; given survival and progress.
Yes, I am still an idealistic Utopianist despite my rough exterior.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

studio tour

Saturday; the vacation is winding down. Strange that I have more social calendar coming up than I had all week. Nice drum circle Friday eve; not stellar but pretty much what I was needing for a relaxed positive social active outlet. Today I visited and spent some time with a few local artists. I took the outlying area and picked three that had work I could relate to. The only drawback was the traffic when I started out. I pretty much had each artist to myself for a while and enjoyed each one and their respective work. D called me and is still trying to entice me back to the northlands. I will see him in July and see what's up with that.

Monday, May 16, 2011

vacation continued

So, it started off a little shy of my expectations. The hot water heater went out and I had a turrets punctuated shower this AM. I tried to remain positive or regain that sense after I dried off. When I was taking the garbage out I ran into the complex handyman and he fixed me up in less than an hour. I think the return to positive vibes was key to the timely fix.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

vacation time

Yes, yes, yes. I have begun a short period of time off from work. No, I do not have an agenda. Just going to relax and do a few local things. So far I have started my sauce for lasagna that I will make tomorrow. Yesterday I went out expecting to go to a farm/farmers market that was supposed to be enhanced with middle eastern fare; but, it was not at the address the net led me to. A bit of a disappointment to be sure. So, I swung back towards home with a few grocery type stops. Wold Market for some coffee & pesto, 14 Carrot for some Braggs, gluten and onion salted cashews with a small splurge on some organic dark chocolate with orange, then on to Publix for the basics. I will do a Goodwill drop off run, visit some local friends, write a letter and clean the house with a probable look at a potential rental in there too. I hope to feel much better about life and my expression of living as the week unfolds. I wish you a joyous week as well.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Nothing really to say except that I have let almost a month of days slide past without a whisper.I've gotta wonder if mercury is retrograde. So, I looked it up and no it's not. Anyway the computer stuff has been glitchy today. I thought that it was just system stuff at work (which was considerable) but, I can't seem to get my video to play smoothly & this blogsapce has jumped a couple of times as well.
Seems to be a touch of good news for my dad after a prolonged batch of ailments. Not entirely what he had wanted to hear but some brightness just a couple of weeks before his 85th.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

weekend lethargy

I don't know what the hell is going on with my pc today, for chissake it's like I'm at work waiting for the systems to react. The internetty is just real unpredictable. Some sites reacting in perfect fluidity and others acting like I shouldn't bother them.
I did manage to spend an inordinate amount of time on Zillow checking out properties, not that I have any ability to manifest at this time; hell I can't even afford to take a decent vacation.
Which brings me to: how do I gracefully let my family know that I probably won't take a trip up north this year? Especially when they have been so great about putting aside their personal stuff to pitch in and take care of dad. Seems that it's been a pretty good thing as far as the connectivity ratio between them. I on the other hand can only send an atta-boy (girl) pat on the back from afar. So, I broached it. I don't know if any of my sibs actually bother to read this little web presence of mine. If so they are now notified of my thoughts concerning visits.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


I'll be damned. I just wrote a longer post than in a while and the damn thing went away.
Not feeling like repeating myself so just imagine that there really is some reading available here.

weird so this was written after the one above (after editing this one now shows on top). Seems there was some new editor update that I had to go and search around to find out. I guess we are good to go now.


Yes, another Sunday has rolled around and I am finally back at the keys. Finished my taxes yesterday except for mailing the state; seems when it's less than a full year you have to mail it.
I don't feel much like giving a family report as there is a lot of after surgery and hospitalization healing to be done from three different members. Just if it moves you send out a pretty emerald healing wave and we will wave back at you.
No not me as in needing healing but what the hell I could be better. I will wave back though I promise.
A lot of primarily African and roots playing. Put together a short sound track for Beth's upcoming art show. A group show of masks. So, there is a touch of New Orleans and Brazilian in the mix with a smattering of trance and George Benson's Masquerade.
Had some pre-reunion connects via facebook that should prove interesting in the near future.
And I hope you are doing well. Ciao.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


About to go do some cooking and clean up the kitchen. Will be contemplating the devastation old Mother Earth has been doing via the ring of fire. Also mortality and aging etc. since dad has been in a bad turn. Seems he is healing albeit slowly and has returned home after a couple of weeks in the hospital. It's great that most of my siblings are all chipping in with their time and energy to facilitate his process of recovery. Thanks y'all.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Finally making good on the Wednesday thing.
I'm tired and have been doing poorly at the tables. A little classical is playing on the net. Just finished watching MirrorMask by Gaiman for the second time. I did not remember that title when I ordered it but am glad to have seen it again.
Don't feel like reporting on the state of the family. It is not dire.

I don't know what they are playing but it is kinda Russian sounding to me, with a slight pastoral and gloaming quality.
Laundry is really beginning to stack up.
Small parade with a drumming representation this Saturday, my ankle isn't up to it, but I hope that there will still be a Friday night gathering on the riverwalk. I can manage the terrain this week probably without my balafon.

More lively music now. Bach I believe.

Have a nice one. ciao.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Another Sunday, another coffee. Sittin' with my foot up ace-bandaged and ice-packed, still fighting the swelling and discomfort. Dad's in the hospital still and I can't even talk to him. He can't put his hearing aid in and cannot hear much of anything without them. This is a result of machine gun fire in WWII. Dishes are being run through the machine, bread is rising, trash is ready to go to the bin, toaster waffles with peanut butter have been consumed and Frostwire is taking over for the now in stasis Limewire. LaLupe is the present search target along with Lady Gaga and Esperanza Spalding, obviously I am not genre focused. About to hit the phone lines , so have a wonderful day.

Friday, February 18, 2011

inertia of rest

Long weekend with the plans abolished. Well not all of them. I did drop off my Explorer to get some work and assessment done. Yes, it did a) cost more than I had wanted, needed or planned & b) took much longer than ditto, ditto & ditto.
Left the garage yesterday morning and about half way home (nice weather, thought I could use the exercise) I twisted my ankle pretty bad; the last 1/2 mile was pretty slow, ungraceful and painful.
I did not do much on my mental list yesterday or today for that matter. Got the vehicle back around 13:45.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Saturday, January 15, 2011

we'll see

So, yes more than one Wednesday has passed; not keeping with my previous statement. But, really does anyone care? I don't seem to have much of a leash on coherent insights that can readily be transferred at the times I am here at the keys.

I am leaving this post open and going about my chores with a bit of alphabetical doodling punctuating my Saturday post noon post. (I'll be back!)

Some blusey jazz music is playing and I don't feel too much like expressing the mood, but I will continue to listen and feel.

So, what the fuck is the deal with time anyway?
Is it the slow ever marching bandit, laying detritus of decreptitude to linger and adhear to the once svelt exterior and burden the beast? Is it the fluid and malleable fourth dimension? Is being a time lord such a great thing? Just some hmmm; as the aging rhapsody of creaks and graons set in. Acknowledging that more stories are to be told than lived in this nexus.

gonna post this trashy litlle ramble and go do some creative cooking. More to the point, see what is in the freezer and see if it wants to be dinner.

Monday, January 3, 2011

new year

Happy New Year
I guess if I had blogged this a day or two ago it would have been smoother. This was not a very special day as work issues seemed to be ever-present on the heels of a sleep deprived night.

No, no resolutions, not that I didn't contemplate such.

I am going to try and input at least weekly this year. Wednesday is my target for regular jots.

More later.