Sunday, April 3, 2011


Yes, another Sunday has rolled around and I am finally back at the keys. Finished my taxes yesterday except for mailing the state; seems when it's less than a full year you have to mail it.
I don't feel much like giving a family report as there is a lot of after surgery and hospitalization healing to be done from three different members. Just if it moves you send out a pretty emerald healing wave and we will wave back at you.
No not me as in needing healing but what the hell I could be better. I will wave back though I promise.
A lot of primarily African and roots playing. Put together a short sound track for Beth's upcoming art show. A group show of masks. So, there is a touch of New Orleans and Brazilian in the mix with a smattering of trance and George Benson's Masquerade.
Had some pre-reunion connects via facebook that should prove interesting in the near future.
And I hope you are doing well. Ciao.

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