Saturday, February 27, 2010

brother Aquataine

So I go in and out of memories, thoughts and emotions as if my brother is a wispy phantom like in some of the stories we've read, traipsing through the halls of a vast edifice or drifting slightly above the ground. I am less sure of the afterlife than I used to be. Not that I don't believe in it. Contrary to that I am convinced that life goes on. The options are so much grander than I can fathom with this mind, as stretched as it has been. There has been some feedback from a mutual friend that he will choose a quick turn around and find himself or, wouldn't it be rich, herself back in the dimensions because you know this place has a lot of stuff to experience.

Whatever choice is made I support you and hope that you rest in the wisdom. If you do come back here, again please bring an anchor of light.

Friday, February 26, 2010

brother Aquataine

It's nearly a week since my brother and friend has departed this world. We became close back in my less mugglish days more than 15 years gone now. Those days were full of questing, development, T'ai Chi and a unique balance of freedom and discipline. A choice was offered to pursue one of two courses of spiritual group experience; a hard choice to make. I opted for the Star-Borne gathering instead of the Group Avatar one; this is where I met Aquataine along with many, many memorable beings...

...later, after the incredible gathering I spent a fair amount of time tripping down to Ft. Lauderdale to the sanctuary that brother A and Urithrael shared. Many a fine gathering of lightworkers found sanctuary, community and exceptional times in this environment. Yes, there was a great deal of mundane work to be done of which I did my share, from ripping out old vines, painting, planting, fixing the sewage, dressing marble, building an arbor (what an absolutely beautiful area that enclosed) to often being the head cook for a dozen.

There were difficulties with personalities, there was awesome joy punctuated with roaring bouts of Starry-Language songs and stories, there was love and lessons.

I will edit &/or add to this post again as there is a lot to convey.

Bottom line is that I miss my old deeply sonorous voiced friend and am very happy that he is no longer suffering.

Monday, February 15, 2010


So, I have the old mixed energy relationship to old Mama Nature. I always admire and often sing the praises when she kicks up and tosses away our complacency and expectations; but simultaneously I really don't like cold and snow so much. I know that I moved north with a bit of trepidation taking the I still have a job and a paycheck approach to co-creating. This is what I get for it.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

move, the end point

OK, I have completed the move to SC. I have a couple of days at the new DC under my belt. This whole moving thing is getting a bit harder as I put the miles on. It'd probably be easier if the tab for it was picked up. Condensed spacial parameters are a challenge and I have created a separation of pc & tv for a less multitasking home-life. We will have to see if this works.