Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday afternoon

Rye bread is rising and probably is in kneed. Spent lots of $ in the last two days. Brakes with a few extras... Thursday and tires with a few extras Friday. An expensive vacation. Actually began my taxes today but don't expect a completion this weekend. I will tend the bakery now.

the other one

This one is a bit smaller and I like it better. "Post-Lyricide Lament" I had to go download a photo editor. Went to and looked for free ones. PhotoScape seems adequate to my needs for what it is. Pics taken with my android phone outside with them hanging on the fence.


This is one of the two small works I am going to enter the Art Museum's local artist invitational. I need to fill out and get the entry stuff in soon. I titled this "Astral Incudebatable"

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

yes I am still here

The Doctor is on and I have finished a light dinner after a slightly shorter than typical workday. Did a small dabble on some art. I have hopes of getting two reasonably small works completed & framed in time to enter them in a show at the museum. Whether they are accepted is a whole 'nother matter. Some experience in creative pressure is needed anyway. That gives me less than one month to get it together. I need to find my camera in the meantime or get a hookup to tie my phone camera with the pc. When this comes together I will also post the pics here.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

craft project

Don't think I will ever do it but one of my old project thoughtforms has resurfaced and burst into my awareness like a big bubble. I have sketched once or twice a very rough cartoon of the project. A pillow set with (Version 1) five pillows & (V 2) three pillows: pieces that together form a dragon & have velcro to stabilize, the velcro can also stick back on itself to individuate.

Here you go, someone please run with this.


My new little plan here is to see if a tourrets syndrome scribed version is as cathartic as verbal expression.
So if I fucking swear here in this pile 'o shite example of a blog will I have a better discipline on my spoken word?

I have been loathe to express the vulgar here when I express with vocal vehemence. It must have something to do with the time between thought and expression.

Not much of a fucking rant to be sure. If it shows a hint of therapeutic application I will explore it further.

And by the way " Have a Fucking Great New Year!"