Saturday, April 16, 2011

weekend lethargy

I don't know what the hell is going on with my pc today, for chissake it's like I'm at work waiting for the systems to react. The internetty is just real unpredictable. Some sites reacting in perfect fluidity and others acting like I shouldn't bother them.
I did manage to spend an inordinate amount of time on Zillow checking out properties, not that I have any ability to manifest at this time; hell I can't even afford to take a decent vacation.
Which brings me to: how do I gracefully let my family know that I probably won't take a trip up north this year? Especially when they have been so great about putting aside their personal stuff to pitch in and take care of dad. Seems that it's been a pretty good thing as far as the connectivity ratio between them. I on the other hand can only send an atta-boy (girl) pat on the back from afar. So, I broached it. I don't know if any of my sibs actually bother to read this little web presence of mine. If so they are now notified of my thoughts concerning visits.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


I'll be damned. I just wrote a longer post than in a while and the damn thing went away.
Not feeling like repeating myself so just imagine that there really is some reading available here.

weird so this was written after the one above (after editing this one now shows on top). Seems there was some new editor update that I had to go and search around to find out. I guess we are good to go now.


Yes, another Sunday has rolled around and I am finally back at the keys. Finished my taxes yesterday except for mailing the state; seems when it's less than a full year you have to mail it.
I don't feel much like giving a family report as there is a lot of after surgery and hospitalization healing to be done from three different members. Just if it moves you send out a pretty emerald healing wave and we will wave back at you.
No not me as in needing healing but what the hell I could be better. I will wave back though I promise.
A lot of primarily African and roots playing. Put together a short sound track for Beth's upcoming art show. A group show of masks. So, there is a touch of New Orleans and Brazilian in the mix with a smattering of trance and George Benson's Masquerade.
Had some pre-reunion connects via facebook that should prove interesting in the near future.
And I hope you are doing well. Ciao.