Thursday, June 25, 2009

wishin' stick intro

It's time to get a little old story out. Or maybe just introduce it as I believe I shall retire for the evening soon due to the old paycheck generator.
This is going back to the hoedad days, there have been some new rings in the cedar, I can tell you.
Bookends, yep background here, two large clean cut firemen/boy scouts from? Illinois I belive.
Big fifth wheel rig in the midst of a band of misfits, dope growers, ex-cons, back to the landers, military lesbians, a "the Farm" refugee and assorted other counter culture types. Most with primative versions of 70's and earlier RVs, including tow alongs, pop-ups, truck bedded units, my own was home-made, a school bus and a tenter or two in the mix.

For crying out loud, I was even locked in my own rig with my own lock with Gravy's wife as I was trying to convince her to leave, by Gravy his own self. It sure screwed up my plans for the next assignment as I had volunteered to go to one of the LA. parishes in the Lake Charles area with "the banker" early the next morning and I was going to try to convince M... to come along. Probably had an 80->90% chance before this incarceration came down.

There are some good stories from these dog-earred pages of my life. Stay tuned...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

mellon collie

Melancholy, perhaps, triggered to research by a message from a friend. Have you ever noticed the synaptic/emotional response to certain gravid words innocently uttered in a gentle context? The specifics generally weigh in on some incredibly personal scale which has more kinship to the uncertainty priciple than to stasis, unless your pattern changing is glacial.

Monday, June 15, 2009

just 'cause

I don't have anything realy on my mind, just thought that I'd jot a line or two to create a pattern and help me to consider the personal value equation of externalizing in script mode. Seems that any expression delivered helps to feed the cascade effect. When the inevitable release happens I hope that it is in an intelligible mode and that I am able to simply channel it and not cramp up with little internal searches for words that carry.
Feel free to comment if you have stopped by to see what little is here and stop back again as I will make an effort to post a minimum of once a week.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Cosmic Tool Box
I will cycle back to this theme from time to time.
I had in mind a book with some thoughts towards a supporting fulfillment site. The origin of the phrase was either from Eesha, John or myself, it gets hazy since it was coined many years ago. John still uses variations, primarily the cosmic grab bag as a focal theme for a metaphysical event. I am more drawn to the work inferences of the Tool Box. Admittedly my mugglish infused lifestyle is more removed from the work than it was when the theme played stronger within me. None the less I still feel that this could produce some useful information and tools for the aspiring open minded soul. Some topics include the judgement and/or valuation of tools for the individual. These could include Astrology, meditation, Tarot, pendulums, T'ai Chi, diet, vision quests, journaling... Some historic versions of personal CTBs would be altars, medicine bags, shrines, most any personal, intentional sanctified space and the contents therein.

It's kinda funny that one of the blogs I read often on my lunch 1/2 hour is from a hard core skeptic who boohoos much of this. ala Sienfeld "it doesn't make him a bad person."

Sunday, June 7, 2009

about the name of this blog

So does this mean I am calm or trying to engender calm through cartharsis? Not really, but that would be a nice result.
The CALM is from a thoughtform I have that would enjoy manifestaion as a brick and mortar bookshop one day. I feel farther from it than I would have predicted but the CALM stands for Coffee Art Literature Music. There is still time and stranger things have come to pass.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Still under the weather, was staying away from this site thinking that I was wanting to use it only for a working on the linguistic anvil approach to expression. What the hell, I am just going to slam out a few lines whenever and if the literate muse inspires all the better.

I was somewhat dazed by the demise of David Carradine, more surprised than the passing of some of the other memorable notables in the past. Although Yma Sumac and Kurt Vonnegut along with Odetta all twanged some chords. I don't have the DVD collection of Kung Fu or I would be spending some time this weekend watching it. They did play some episodes on one of the more obscure cable channels last year and I caught a few of them noticing that they hold up pretty well after so many years.