Monday, August 29, 2011


So, MTV VMAs are streaming on the pc as I begin to thread some linguistic patchwork.
I was impressed with Laddy GaGa.
Just finished replying to a BD wish & returning the same simultaneously.

One statement made in that missive was that I would use this little medium to help focus my desires in home-ownership.

I have some other communications that are demanding my presence; but, that is a survey post in the imaging process that will bring some foundation footings before long.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

pro, procrastination

So, if they were to give out awards for procrastination I'm in. If I could bother to apply that is.
Yep, I didn't go and get my drivers license in SC yet. This must be the third scheduled day that I just couldn't bother.
I sat here and played some retro pc games and went shopping.
May whatever you need in motivation motorise you.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Friday I was surprised to have a visit from my favorite family from MA. and just in time to celebrate Z's fifth Birthday. We had a good stroll through the local zoo/botanical gardens yesterday with a pleasant lunch before they headed off for D's job in Al.

I hope that A & D will share some of the pics as I did not bring a camera.


So recently aka Trent mentioned that he missed the quotes I used to send out weekly; he is certainly not the first to share this sentiment.
I would have to recreate my recipient base and approach this from home as opposed to incorporating it into my job which had been quite different back when. I think I sent them out almost every week for over three years and I not only enjoyed the process but picked up some few gravid tidbits.

Although I enjoy the process it is not at the level to bring it back. Partially it is about time but also there are just too many things to engage me as well as I harbor a certain recuperative need to be lazy.

So, one little quote echoed by Will Wheaten often "Don't Be a Dick"