Saturday, September 19, 2009

another soul released from gravity

Shortly after my last post about a friend's passing; I was again notified of another old friend's father taking a similar journey. I have some fine reflections of Dale. Wiley my friend this was altogether too strong of a reason to make it possible to reconnect, but, I will take the opportunity. Peace to all connected and happy trails Dale.

Monday, September 14, 2009


So, not a typical dreamscape, but a familiar one. Tripping through geometric fractal mosaics. I wonder how much alignment and absorption my 12 strand multidimensional DNA realized. Hmm.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

perception perameters

Alliterative intro was a sad little weakness of this word-loving mind. There is a pattern that emerges from the chaos of thought. When the thought emerges into the lens of awareness it is in a multi-dimensional configuration and requires some structural matrix to begin to abstract and hopefully deliver a rendering that the language can deliver into a sharable mode.

My thoughtform du jour has to do with the incredible limitations of human perception and how one can describe what generally lies beyond the wavelenghts from ultra low frequency (more felt than heard) to the higher visible spectrum. Sure we use radio waves and we can witness the wave motion of physicality in the surface of water; but what of the colors that are seen only with the inner vision. What of the communion with vibratory information that resides in what many religions would describe as celestial, angelic, heavenly?

Some tesseracts of multiple information drop into consciousness and bring light from other simultaneous space-time frames that one has also been, is, will be personal. Re-member or create, is there a difference when we have stepped out of the narrow confines of linear time?

tugged at

Yep, have that feeling that I'm being tugged at on a line from infinity. Not actually resisting but, feeling less than desirous of going along right now. After all of the preparatory work of many years, to set in motion the ease of dimensional shifting, I have to wonder at my reticence. Perhaps tonight the dreaming self will have an encounter of magnitude.

sad note

Today I received the sad news of the passing of a friend's mom. I was close to her as well as the entire family. Lucky for me I was able to have been by for one of those rare visits very recently as I live over 1,000 miles away.
My heart goes out to all and I can now picture Win reinvigorated and shining in her statuesque and graceful self. Thanks for sharing the planet with us. We love you.

where've i been

So, what the hell, I haven't been writing for a while. I've opened up the blog and failed to post a couple of times in the past week. Seems that when I've been about to the flow was too strong and I'd have been up too late to fit my scheduled pattern. I owe a few e-mails and maybe I'm copping out by thinking that a collective entry will suffice. It will not. Perhaps I will return to the e-mail page and let this drift into silence. It feels like this minor entry will serve as catharsis.