Saturday, May 21, 2011

studio tour

Saturday; the vacation is winding down. Strange that I have more social calendar coming up than I had all week. Nice drum circle Friday eve; not stellar but pretty much what I was needing for a relaxed positive social active outlet. Today I visited and spent some time with a few local artists. I took the outlying area and picked three that had work I could relate to. The only drawback was the traffic when I started out. I pretty much had each artist to myself for a while and enjoyed each one and their respective work. D called me and is still trying to entice me back to the northlands. I will see him in July and see what's up with that.

Monday, May 16, 2011

vacation continued

So, it started off a little shy of my expectations. The hot water heater went out and I had a turrets punctuated shower this AM. I tried to remain positive or regain that sense after I dried off. When I was taking the garbage out I ran into the complex handyman and he fixed me up in less than an hour. I think the return to positive vibes was key to the timely fix.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

vacation time

Yes, yes, yes. I have begun a short period of time off from work. No, I do not have an agenda. Just going to relax and do a few local things. So far I have started my sauce for lasagna that I will make tomorrow. Yesterday I went out expecting to go to a farm/farmers market that was supposed to be enhanced with middle eastern fare; but, it was not at the address the net led me to. A bit of a disappointment to be sure. So, I swung back towards home with a few grocery type stops. Wold Market for some coffee & pesto, 14 Carrot for some Braggs, gluten and onion salted cashews with a small splurge on some organic dark chocolate with orange, then on to Publix for the basics. I will do a Goodwill drop off run, visit some local friends, write a letter and clean the house with a probable look at a potential rental in there too. I hope to feel much better about life and my expression of living as the week unfolds. I wish you a joyous week as well.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Nothing really to say except that I have let almost a month of days slide past without a whisper.I've gotta wonder if mercury is retrograde. So, I looked it up and no it's not. Anyway the computer stuff has been glitchy today. I thought that it was just system stuff at work (which was considerable) but, I can't seem to get my video to play smoothly & this blogsapce has jumped a couple of times as well.
Seems to be a touch of good news for my dad after a prolonged batch of ailments. Not entirely what he had wanted to hear but some brightness just a couple of weeks before his 85th.