Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I just watched a little two-part short film on youtube by LSM and am still trying to find a response. A little dark, very moody with a good score, but I will admit that I will need to watch it again when the Western exposure dims, as it is directly behind my pc with no more than white translucent mini blinds. I am most curious about the intention of the intro compared to the film itself. It is some nice footage, but knowing the primary creator a resonance is expected.
The link is connected to the title of this post for interested parties. Just click on tuesday.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

later that same day

Sunday is slippin' by and I never did make those scones. Waiting for a return call on the cell and thought that I'd stop in and mention that I think I figured out who snarked at me some few posts back. At least there is only one person that I think would use the phrase about a Dodo bird.
Well I could be right and I could be wrong, so that is as usual; although I seem to have more certainty in many things. Tomorrow I get my djembe back with a brand new head. All tuned and ready to beat. I have missed it. I have brought my bougarabou and assorted percussion along with my bamboo sax, which needs a little work next. Last Friday I had the balafon and it added some new dimensions to the jams.
Spent some little time at the Sun Magazine's site which led me to pondering this whole writing thing. I'm considering utilizing that medium to spur some action. None of the topics posted for submission really struck me, but I may let them simmer and see if anything happens.

sunday AM

Sitting here on Sunday morn sipping on some Sumatran coffee and nursing a strained back. Not debilitating, but definitely noticeable, without knowing where or how I did it.
Had a lovely chat with an old friend yesterday, it was segued into from chatting on FB. We talked of family and deaths, aging and work, plans and things.
Again, the weekend has moved on and I haven't done near the work intended. Took care of a bunch of basic mundane tasks with little progress in the domestic scene. And I am realizing just how soon my taxes need to be done. I think along with the typical Sunday phone sessions and one afternoon trip to the store, after it opens; here in S.C. the retail stores don't open before 1:30 PM, I will mostly relax and let the rest of my home enhancements and arranging fall by the wayside. Excepting for a bit of cooking including some cherry scones. I may even come back here and splash the pages with something more. Have a great Sunday.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

just a note

I admit that some of the little pieces of verbiage that find themselves embedded here are my little exercises of the language. Not expecting to make any impacts in the world, but I hope someone is amused in the process.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

another departures

I learned today that a cousin has shed the mortal coil. Another being tripping out into the after-life. I wish her the absolute best with surcease from the dimensional burdens. This is probably a good release. Fare well cuz & may the light fill and envelope you.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

this day

I am glad that the work portion of today is over. I am certainly not bored, as many bosses converged and wanted more. I think that down the line some cyclical rhythm will emerge and I can simply play the game; now, though I am playing with a grim determination and I am very aware that my gaming tends towards seriousness. Who knows maybe I can finally learn to take a lighter approach. There certainly is the opportunity.