Thursday, March 18, 2010

this day

I am glad that the work portion of today is over. I am certainly not bored, as many bosses converged and wanted more. I think that down the line some cyclical rhythm will emerge and I can simply play the game; now, though I am playing with a grim determination and I am very aware that my gaming tends towards seriousness. Who knows maybe I can finally learn to take a lighter approach. There certainly is the opportunity.


  1. hi ya big dodo bird! i am amazed at the continuum between your ego and the words you spew on the page. why don't you get a life! do you really think that your insidious rhetoric really means anything in the eons of time? simply put, i would have expected more from you by now! guru that you started out to be! you should have had children....that might have put you in touch with reality! i am hopeful that you still have some virility left?

  2. Whoa! That last comment was rather harsh. And nasty. An old girl friend?

    Sorry to hear you had to relocate for work. Work sucks enough, but to have to pack up your stuff and tote it across several states...

    Ever read anything by the Japanese author Kōbō Abe? I think you'd like The Ark Sakura.

  3. My guess would be yes, an ex girlfriend. Don't actually know who, but someone who must have had some expectations. No, I don't know the author, thanks for the tip.