Sunday, March 28, 2010

later that same day

Sunday is slippin' by and I never did make those scones. Waiting for a return call on the cell and thought that I'd stop in and mention that I think I figured out who snarked at me some few posts back. At least there is only one person that I think would use the phrase about a Dodo bird.
Well I could be right and I could be wrong, so that is as usual; although I seem to have more certainty in many things. Tomorrow I get my djembe back with a brand new head. All tuned and ready to beat. I have missed it. I have brought my bougarabou and assorted percussion along with my bamboo sax, which needs a little work next. Last Friday I had the balafon and it added some new dimensions to the jams.
Spent some little time at the Sun Magazine's site which led me to pondering this whole writing thing. I'm considering utilizing that medium to spur some action. None of the topics posted for submission really struck me, but I may let them simmer and see if anything happens.

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  1. i would gladly make a donation to your failing sax if you could put some initials to your psychic rev about who made the snarkling comment... at least you added another follower to your list - perhaps you need more snarklers to build your audience....i prefer to call myself a "stinger" of the truth, not given to the buzz mentality of rhetorical rantings.
    peace bro...