Sunday, March 13, 2011


About to go do some cooking and clean up the kitchen. Will be contemplating the devastation old Mother Earth has been doing via the ring of fire. Also mortality and aging etc. since dad has been in a bad turn. Seems he is healing albeit slowly and has returned home after a couple of weeks in the hospital. It's great that most of my siblings are all chipping in with their time and energy to facilitate his process of recovery. Thanks y'all.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Finally making good on the Wednesday thing.
I'm tired and have been doing poorly at the tables. A little classical is playing on the net. Just finished watching MirrorMask by Gaiman for the second time. I did not remember that title when I ordered it but am glad to have seen it again.
Don't feel like reporting on the state of the family. It is not dire.

I don't know what they are playing but it is kinda Russian sounding to me, with a slight pastoral and gloaming quality.
Laundry is really beginning to stack up.
Small parade with a drumming representation this Saturday, my ankle isn't up to it, but I hope that there will still be a Friday night gathering on the riverwalk. I can manage the terrain this week probably without my balafon.

More lively music now. Bach I believe.

Have a nice one. ciao.