Monday, October 10, 2011

balafon blues

So Saturday I brought my balafon to the drum circle after having made an apparently not good enough fix to the broken key. As that alludes yes I re-broke it. Put a damper on the festivities but only a small one. I am still happy to have participated.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

unexpectedly long weekend

I wasn't feeling so hot but decided to go to Saluda Shoals Park for a short visit to the art fest on Sunday after not even making it to the drumming on Friday I thought a bit of freash air would be theraputic. Not too exciting in the art department but a very nice venue and I got to see Lucky play a set. Spent a short time with him and R. then meandered through the park. I did not feel much better when the gloaming began but was snugly ensconced in front of the TV by then. When I woke the next morn I was feeling light headed and disturbed in my GI tract so I called out of work. I called out again this AM even though I could have toughed it out. So I did manage to get my laundry done today and am now watching the movie Thor. I hope you all had a better weekend.