Monday, May 31, 2010

memorial day

Well I said I'd be back to tackle my stance on the big war, military, the world we presently seem to live in and their inter-relationships. But, I don't have the energy to form truly lucid patterns of thought as the emotional components and my mild weariness ask me to either hesitate or maximum truncate this big theme.

So, given that, I wish simply to say that I hold esteem in my heart and mind for all of the fallen, wounded from the many wars, police actions and training accidents through the ages, of all of those who entered in good consciousness and intention towards a peaceful culmination.

I'm sorry to say that I can't feel the same for any who contracted for greed, vengeance, unquestioned duty or out of a feeling of superiority. May forgiveness flow from the afflicted and may enlightenment burgeon in the hearts and minds of all.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

first entry on new pc

OK, so I got my emachine up and running. It has it's pluses and minuses. On the plus side: it seems pretty fast so far, it was not difficult to get going, there is a little spot to plug in my camera card, nice as I haven't yet found my patch cord. On the minus side: I don't have a free version of Microsoft Office, it's a 60 day then pay version, my printer cord has no female port, hopefully I can find an alternative, there is a work around even if that is not possible. The rest is yet to be discovered. Obviously the web is accessible, the sound system is functioning fine and I have a lot left to try.
Yesterday I commented on And y's FB post and caused a minor fuss from someone else. I sort of expected it might strike a chord and sure enough. So, I hope to expand s bit tomorrow as it's Memorial/Decoration Day and the gist is about war and peace.
Laundry is done for the week, a loaf of white and whole wheat with a touch of rosemary and olive oil is now in the oven, sweet potato chips have been fried, a mess of veggies a turkey smoked sausage and a granny smith are in various stages of becoming meals and I am going to post this and return to the kitchen.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

another saturday

So, I let slip by a weekend with an old friend, a memorial service that I did not attend for a friend's mother and a friend as well, my dad's birthday, a good drumming time, a bunch of crazy workdays and more without a single little peep recorded here.
I did get my new pc but this isn't it. Nope, no problem that I know of, just haven't put the time into setting it up. Maybe, just maybe I will get it set up before the next entry.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I did get my refurbished pc but have yet to hook it up. trying to figure out what to keep from my old one as well as what will keep. Still don't know where my old disc set is. In a frakkin' box somewhere I'm sure.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

meanwhile back at the ranch

So, I introed this as I did since this is wow, the third scratch in a single day. OMG. Dad asked me about the quotes I sent out from work for three years or so, quite regularly and And y mentioned that he missed them on FB recently. They have been on my mind as well. Not only can I no longer send them out from work due to my load and non affiliation with the learning arena, but I don't have lunch at my desk either. That was usually when I would catch up on my vocabulary building and quote e-mail subscriptions, with some serious cutting and pasting as well as some origin searches. A full week of that usually generated a pretty solid quote pastiche. I must have archived some 200 of those types of e-mail at work without time to peruse. After I get my new pc and transmigrate from this one I'm thinking of signing up for all of those subscriptions to a new e-mail address specifically for such. When this comes to pass I will consider assembling some favorites from time to time and publishing them here.

same day

Not long since the last post. I actually have this urge to root around and find an old AOE game install it and play. Hmmm. You never know. I guess I'll see if this is still on me after some showering, shopping and phone calls.


Kinda sluggish Sunday just passing noon without a swish. So many things I'd like to see done and so little enthusiasm to get there. Seems that most of them require finding something that hasn't been unpacked, for instance, I have mostly cleared out the area for the easel but don't know where the hardware is. I did finally get the coffee table set up but have moved a few things in front of the little under stairs storage. I'll need to go shopping today and am putting it off until after the blue laws in this little berg allow for more than just grocery shopping. I miss my old buddy Aquataine. So, basically I'm in a slug mode. Had planned to jot some more entertaining and/or cathartic word flows but as you see this is merely a mundane chronicle.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Another weekend has come along. The work week was still tough but tolerable with a few bright spots. Friday night drumming was low key but restorative.
I posted earlier about considerations of computer upgrading and one day when I opened my e-mail there was a link to mentioned in cheapskate tech news. I did. I clicked on it and since this was a 24 hr. only deal, ended up ordering a refurbished pc for under 325 delivered. I will have to report on it when it comes in.
I wish you all a wonderful weekend.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Uggh! Monday, another stellar work day. I got through it and have to wonder what ever happened to all of the metaphysical and spiritual expressions that were planned to be here now?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

happy mothers' day

Sunday, Mothers' Day, and yes I did make some progress around here. Another weekend like this and I will surely have at least one of my two art micro-studios set up. Looks like I'll have my keyboard ensconced and hooked into the pc; I hope that my software is still capable of interfacing. Been having a poor run on the poker tables. I'm down to a tourney that is presently on break. If I don't cash here it'll be time for a break. Of course, I will call Mom this PM which is pretty usual for Sunday anyway. Unless there are numerous visitors, I intend to read her one of the little Rudyard Kipling stories. The Elephant's Baby is my first choice. I hope y'all have a great day.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Another weekend has tripped around the spinning cosmic dance and again I have not input during the mundane work-a-day routine. I had a short discussion with another worker a few days back. The gist was that he didn't think I would know how to keep from boredom if I was able to be retired now. I so disagree, but that of course is moot. Darn it.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

sunday AM

Yup, it's Sunday and I am back. Been dreaming about work again when I was surfacing this AM. I can't say that I am pleased with it. I've never been real good at separating or compartmentalizing aspects of self on a roll basis; seems like it would be very useful. Drumming was a bit weak but nurturing none the less. I'm feeling like I should lay down some strange as that would more likely elicit some response; but, what the hell is that about? Am I now situated in the place where I am in need or at least mildly expectant of responses? That's not what and/or why I started this little gig. Then of course I no longer am sure of what constitutes strange. My personal cosmology is definitely strange to the mass mindset, but with the population being so large, in fact a little too large for this small green and blue world, and the expansion envelope pushing processes of minds struggling for expression, what at one time may have seemed peripheral is well inside the box.