Sunday, May 16, 2010

meanwhile back at the ranch

So, I introed this as I did since this is wow, the third scratch in a single day. OMG. Dad asked me about the quotes I sent out from work for three years or so, quite regularly and And y mentioned that he missed them on FB recently. They have been on my mind as well. Not only can I no longer send them out from work due to my load and non affiliation with the learning arena, but I don't have lunch at my desk either. That was usually when I would catch up on my vocabulary building and quote e-mail subscriptions, with some serious cutting and pasting as well as some origin searches. A full week of that usually generated a pretty solid quote pastiche. I must have archived some 200 of those types of e-mail at work without time to peruse. After I get my new pc and transmigrate from this one I'm thinking of signing up for all of those subscriptions to a new e-mail address specifically for such. When this comes to pass I will consider assembling some favorites from time to time and publishing them here.

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