Sunday, May 2, 2010

sunday AM

Yup, it's Sunday and I am back. Been dreaming about work again when I was surfacing this AM. I can't say that I am pleased with it. I've never been real good at separating or compartmentalizing aspects of self on a roll basis; seems like it would be very useful. Drumming was a bit weak but nurturing none the less. I'm feeling like I should lay down some strange as that would more likely elicit some response; but, what the hell is that about? Am I now situated in the place where I am in need or at least mildly expectant of responses? That's not what and/or why I started this little gig. Then of course I no longer am sure of what constitutes strange. My personal cosmology is definitely strange to the mass mindset, but with the population being so large, in fact a little too large for this small green and blue world, and the expansion envelope pushing processes of minds struggling for expression, what at one time may have seemed peripheral is well inside the box.

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