Sunday, May 30, 2010

first entry on new pc

OK, so I got my emachine up and running. It has it's pluses and minuses. On the plus side: it seems pretty fast so far, it was not difficult to get going, there is a little spot to plug in my camera card, nice as I haven't yet found my patch cord. On the minus side: I don't have a free version of Microsoft Office, it's a 60 day then pay version, my printer cord has no female port, hopefully I can find an alternative, there is a work around even if that is not possible. The rest is yet to be discovered. Obviously the web is accessible, the sound system is functioning fine and I have a lot left to try.
Yesterday I commented on And y's FB post and caused a minor fuss from someone else. I sort of expected it might strike a chord and sure enough. So, I hope to expand s bit tomorrow as it's Memorial/Decoration Day and the gist is about war and peace.
Laundry is done for the week, a loaf of white and whole wheat with a touch of rosemary and olive oil is now in the oven, sweet potato chips have been fried, a mess of veggies a turkey smoked sausage and a granny smith are in various stages of becoming meals and I am going to post this and return to the kitchen.

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