Thursday, June 25, 2009

wishin' stick intro

It's time to get a little old story out. Or maybe just introduce it as I believe I shall retire for the evening soon due to the old paycheck generator.
This is going back to the hoedad days, there have been some new rings in the cedar, I can tell you.
Bookends, yep background here, two large clean cut firemen/boy scouts from? Illinois I belive.
Big fifth wheel rig in the midst of a band of misfits, dope growers, ex-cons, back to the landers, military lesbians, a "the Farm" refugee and assorted other counter culture types. Most with primative versions of 70's and earlier RVs, including tow alongs, pop-ups, truck bedded units, my own was home-made, a school bus and a tenter or two in the mix.

For crying out loud, I was even locked in my own rig with my own lock with Gravy's wife as I was trying to convince her to leave, by Gravy his own self. It sure screwed up my plans for the next assignment as I had volunteered to go to one of the LA. parishes in the Lake Charles area with "the banker" early the next morning and I was going to try to convince M... to come along. Probably had an 80->90% chance before this incarceration came down.

There are some good stories from these dog-earred pages of my life. Stay tuned...

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