Monday, June 8, 2009


Cosmic Tool Box
I will cycle back to this theme from time to time.
I had in mind a book with some thoughts towards a supporting fulfillment site. The origin of the phrase was either from Eesha, John or myself, it gets hazy since it was coined many years ago. John still uses variations, primarily the cosmic grab bag as a focal theme for a metaphysical event. I am more drawn to the work inferences of the Tool Box. Admittedly my mugglish infused lifestyle is more removed from the work than it was when the theme played stronger within me. None the less I still feel that this could produce some useful information and tools for the aspiring open minded soul. Some topics include the judgement and/or valuation of tools for the individual. These could include Astrology, meditation, Tarot, pendulums, T'ai Chi, diet, vision quests, journaling... Some historic versions of personal CTBs would be altars, medicine bags, shrines, most any personal, intentional sanctified space and the contents therein.

It's kinda funny that one of the blogs I read often on my lunch 1/2 hour is from a hard core skeptic who boohoos much of this. ala Sienfeld "it doesn't make him a bad person."

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