Saturday, December 17, 2011

it must be now

I am feeling out of sync with time and seasons and calendric influences. Procrastinating as usual which means I have a more heaped plate tomorrow than I will probably complete. Sad and slightly unfocused. A friend passed away yesterday, and less than two weeks ago another, mom's passing was a year ago yesterday, (you will pick up on the lack of focus here) don't know why but the youTube stuff would not show up here as it ought to, went to my work Christmas get together but did not stay long, played a few games to disappear in, called my family as they were doing their (sorry I did not make it again this year) Christmas get together... It is later in the day than I thought and it cheers me that my tiredness is not simply the stuff of mourning. Was going to put a Loudon Wainwright III tune hear as I was catalyzed by a FB friend's posting of a few, mine was to be Prince Hal's Dirge.
Sorry that I missed the NJ T. family when I called today. S.T. posted a very cute photo album video set to the Talking Heads, I'm going to go to bed soon and discontinue this stream.
Peace all (in and out of form)

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