Saturday, January 15, 2011

we'll see

So, yes more than one Wednesday has passed; not keeping with my previous statement. But, really does anyone care? I don't seem to have much of a leash on coherent insights that can readily be transferred at the times I am here at the keys.

I am leaving this post open and going about my chores with a bit of alphabetical doodling punctuating my Saturday post noon post. (I'll be back!)

Some blusey jazz music is playing and I don't feel too much like expressing the mood, but I will continue to listen and feel.

So, what the fuck is the deal with time anyway?
Is it the slow ever marching bandit, laying detritus of decreptitude to linger and adhear to the once svelt exterior and burden the beast? Is it the fluid and malleable fourth dimension? Is being a time lord such a great thing? Just some hmmm; as the aging rhapsody of creaks and graons set in. Acknowledging that more stories are to be told than lived in this nexus.

gonna post this trashy litlle ramble and go do some creative cooking. More to the point, see what is in the freezer and see if it wants to be dinner.

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