Saturday, August 15, 2009


As I have wont to; I page forward in the blogosphere after I check in on my own page. There are many foreign language pages that I can't decipher, there are some homey things, some pretty commercial entries and occasionally something to peak my interest. I will read some little family oriented things followed by an artistic thread. After reading a poetry blog by some dude in his early forties, I had to wonder if my lines were as hard to read as his. I know that occasionally I will flex my vocabulary for the sake of it, other times I am in such a rush in my mind and my keying is a bit weak, leading to a somewhat truncated or disjointed entry. One line that sparked my decision to "respond" was 'deny absurdity'; I so protest. Is not Chuang Tzu the author of "Genius of the Absurd"? Well of course he is; and what a freaking incredible read it is; or so my memory tells me. It has been well past 25 years since I have read it. Defend the absurd is the motto I state here. Perhaps I will elaborate if prompted.

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