Sunday, August 2, 2009

fire rekindled

So, I was for some reason thinking about fire on my drive home yesterday (actually last Thursday) I tossed a very small unformed set of words indicating that I had thoughts on this theme into my blog, feeling a certain lack of fulfillment. Today (Friday) the theme seemed to resurge while listening to the compilation I put together for LM alias Von.
Well yeah I'm a Leo, born in the Sun ruled fixed fire sign and I have been around many a campfire. One of the more memorable from hoedad days was when we set somewhere in the vicinity of 50 cords of timber left on a planting site. That baby lasted long enough to still cook dinner over more than 48 hours later.
I also was displaced by a house over-warming of great magnitude. I will probably get back to that as the weekend from hell or stop asking me what's new.

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