Sunday, August 2, 2009


The inevitable themes of space, time, space-time and reality reshape themselves forever in my musings. Perhaps a star-burst apocalyptic sensory transition to witness directly the layers of being where the Dorian Grey painting of each thought and feeling glares would finally bring home the concept of sin. There would always be some negatively charged impulse to see what debauch, turmoil and meanness would look like on the part of some manifest being. It's disturbing at least that the incredible ability to stretch realities' expression goes in infinite directions.

Why is it I am recalling a conversation with Silver Fox, some years hence, around the cool deck at Juliette's in Atlantic Beach? We were rapping and delving and construing on subjects primarily gravitating in the metaphysic, when the vibrational frequencies and efforts involved in trying to reach ascendancy focused the discussion. He hits me with a "do you really think that higher vibrations are better than lower?" as if I was judging right and wrong here. I actually felt mildly assaulted by the delivery of that intentionally accusatory question. It was great in that it stuck with me and I thank ols SF for the gift. Sure I went into a bit of defensive posture for a few minutes, supporting the validity of all aspects of life, but simultaneously proclaiming a personal decision to accelerate and refine frequencies that I was able to influence. It's a normal spiral path of ascendancy/descendancy that plugs us into and out of the visible dimensional experience with the apex and nadir stretched beyond conception.

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