Thursday, August 27, 2009

home again, home again

There was a bad looking two-car accident on I-4 to welcome me home. It made the return at least 45 min. longer than usual. Fire engines, Fire Rescue, Sheriff's, State Police and a helicopter landing in the road. I've got to wonder about my trips home.

The trip itself was good although it began a little rough. When we got to the airport my Explorer wouldn't shift into gear. So, I leave my bag unattended in the queue and run outside after getting a call on my cell informing me of this. I was freakin' a bit as it took me a few minutes of abusing the shift lever to finally get it to function. When I got back to the line I was kinda expecting someone to be upset about the bag, but it didn't seem to have made a visible impact.
After getting picked up in CT and back to J&D's we had a great dinner and visit. The next AM more Explorer issues, this time with the spare surveyor one. Not 10 minutes after heading out with the casino as destination the brakes stop working. The casino would wait one more day.

more to come...

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