Saturday, July 11, 2009

just words

Just words sequenced by their own will unedited and unimpeded. Where will they take us? Back a week memory-wise (is there a single word to encompass this ?) "Saturday in the park, I think it was the fourth of July" by Chicago and I didn't even play it then. Now works.

What if they take us forward? There seems to be more daunt in this than a simple remembering and since all time is simultaneous why have we made that so? The curious case of Benjamin Button may have lingered in the brain pan and helped to stimulate this train. Casey Jones did not have anything to do with it I promise.

Tendencies are to either go far into the future and lay down some wannas bwanna and hope to fake it till you make it, co-create, visualize into being with maybe a side order of chant-o-matics; or of course to creep forward into the morrow since it has a certain predictability based on lists written or unwritten.

Tomorrow I can see me cleaning house prepping some groceries and screwing around on the computer. That was easy. Since I worked today the regular weekend needs to be done gets compressed.

Farther and further into the future distant way out west towards the end of my physical days; wheezing a bit with the effort required to upright after a fitful sleep wishing that coffee was already brewed and accepting that this is a good day to die. Thinking that an old fashioned pyre with feathers and prayer-ties would be appropriate and knowing that interference would ensue. No rush all of the time in the world and then some; OK so maybe a lawn chair is a bit tacky but it's comfortable enough to dismiss the body and engage the spirit. So long and thanks for all the fish.

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