Wednesday, July 15, 2009

crew list

Some of the Hoedad crew I worked with in the three years on the row.
I planted a million trees in AL, AK, TX, GA, LA, MS, & FL
  • Z - Waco TX. ex-con with his (cha who-a who-a) killer
  • JD my older brother (1st year & we shared the original trailer, it was way f**king small)
  • the Tough Tomatoes - three ex-military lesbians (one did some chiropractic)
  • Juicy and Busey - I can't remember her name but she was the hottest chick on the row, he was also called OD
  • Bruce and Mother Superior - crew chief 1st year
  • Big Mike - overboss 1st year, Napoleon complex
  • Kevin and ? - I want to call her Denise but that's wrong
  • Captain Quaalude
  • the Banker
  • the Dells - Smiling Js - Jim Judy John Joan - never cracked a smile but they did have some pickled weasel saddles in their larder
  • the Bookends or Books for short and they brought a Short Story - D9 with them the next season
  • Linda Lou
  • Gravy, and Kat came along the 3rd season
  • Charlie and Sue - crew boss 2nd and 3rd season
  • M-
  • Farm Boy - a refugee from "The Farm"
  • Crimson White Feather
  • ?????? the crew changed and there were a lot of others I can't remember names of (hey this was over 25 years ago)

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