Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Another time, this now, animation and creation, a string of verbal expression, trajectory unknown. The easy sloshing of the waves within, imbuing memories and genesis. What necklaces of beauty or what garotes may emerge to truncate thoughtforms and spin off as small seeds into other realms? Old friends connecting again with the assistance of technology. How do these methods impact the inherant abilities? Do awareness abilities continue to regenerate and strengthen or does the available information allow for a lazy approach? Perhaps both depending on agreements made prior to the present dimensional experience, with free will adjustments. Expanding the envelope in multiple directions. My persoanl bias has lost it's sharpness of radical edge and I enjoy a more vicarious and supporting role to these tweaks and nudges to the present consensus. Some say that the expanding universe is continual from the big bang to infinity, others that there is a very very long but ongoing process of expansion and contraction akin to breathing. This latter has merits that fall into my acceptance, although I tend to be promotional of expanding experience, exploration and comprehension.

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