Sunday, May 24, 2009

First Entry

My first entry

Artist creature that I am felt compelled to start this blog.
You who find this page are welcome to relate.

Coming home from work last week I tried to put my thoughtstream onto the screen at facebook & to my dismay found that there is a word limit to each entry and instead of searializing, only intro-ed the piece.

The theme "Head Cold War"

...So I have a pretty short trip home from work and my gear shifting phase changing process often involves a new creation or a contemplative synaptic dance and occasionally a venting. Today I did a take on the phrase "Head-Cold-War" can you imagine? It's like you send in a team of surveyors to see what's up with the slow energy drain, & find that there are a few balance of power games happening...

Yes, in your head, the action-reaction dichotomy escalates and the power struggle builds like some folish nations playing "I can blow up the whole fuckin' world 15 times over, and you can only do it 11, hah." Surely most of you can either remember that silly fuckin' game, or have had it in history class, oh, what's that it is still being played? I reckon so.

So, taking the internal factions and easing towards a personal peace is the worthy path. Who knows, it may actually radiate something wonderful into the mass conciousness.

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