Saturday, October 30, 2010

a short string of basic american english

No real news, seems to be a more common thread in this my life's tapestry. Sometime that is not now I will indulge in some story telling from my personal past, no doubt transitioned into whatever version is still available in this less than crystalline ego.

There are a number of people that I do and have been thinking about and since I no longer enjoy the pen to paper scribbles that are my poor excuse for writing and I figure a modified expansion could be duplicated and without stealth included with a personal communication to travel to coordinates in space and time and be received by the intendeds.

A loaf of rye bread will be reported on during the course of this input. In this recipe cocoa powder and molasses were added to the rye and whole wheat flours.

Today is the third day of a four day weekend. I achieved relaxation. No, I didn't take that trip across the state line that I had considered. I have goofed off, primed a surface for painterly creative surface treatment, I have met some local artists, made an eye exam appointment and driven through previously unexplored local areas. I did not drum as the circle seems to be on hiatus while looking for an indoor venue to meet through the shorter days of the year.

I miss a number of people in my life but have not yet realized instant bi-location and have capitulated to the present reality.

I lean back, light a cigarette and see the reflections along the timestream and can glimpse only partial histories along the multitude of divergent pathways. There is the one where I didn't sell my house in Neptune Beach and the one where I stayed in (haha, fill in the blank).

It's probably time to reread the Liz Green book on Saturn return (I am definitely in my second).

Blues accompaniment: NRBQ, Robert Plant, Julie London, Phoebe Snow, Lou Rawls...
reload: Hot Tuna, Harry Chapin, Janis Joplin, Joe Walsh, John Lee Hooker...

I punched down the dough although it hadn't risen as much as I usually wait for. Seems to be rising slower than the wheat I often make. It's a bit cooler in the house than it has been (finally broke 70 outside) denser flours and thicker liquids must all contribute.

Dinner was leftovers but quite good, wish I had been motivated to make a salad. Turkey Italian sausage, oyster mushrooms, spinach and cheese tortellini, black olives, onion, multiple peppers (red, green, yellow, cubanelle) tomato sauce.

So, I don't know when I will upload and print this as the full belly slow down is upon me. Looks like some half nods in front of the tube and I will return either later this eve or tomorrow.

Well it's tomorrow by the previously stated, but of course it's today too.
Still into the blues for accompaniment
Joe Cocker, David Bromberg, Bonnie Raitt, JJ Cale, Keb Mo, Paul Butterfield...
I'm prepping a group for burning. Need some more soundtracks at work.

The bread came out good. A little altitude challenged but tasty none the less. That's the picture at the top.
Just finished Blackening some chicken, will use it in conjunction with bitter salad and blue cheese, mostly for this weeks lunches. Trying to get more fresh greens in me during the week.

Halloween, bad movies and the calendar turns another page.

Think that I'll make a few phone calls after I post this while I sort through some more tunes.

I wish you all well. Thanks for stopping by.

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